You might be new to using the Internet to search for the best deal on your Product but we are here to help answer any of the questions that you might have on the subject.

Can I host my website with another company while you design my website?

Yes! you can certainly host it with any web hosting service. Our support includes completely assisting or posting your website live on your server. If you website is a dynamic website based on a database, please let your project manager know in advance about your hosting plan. This will help us in deciding the web language that we should choose for your website.

I am not in Karachi, can I still  use WebexDesigners  all service conveniently?

Yes! our service is available for every corner of Pakistan where internet is operative. We can call you to avoid city to city call charges.

Should I be a technical person to get a web site built or to run? 

Not at all. If you can send and receive Emails, you can manage and run a web site. All you need to do is explain us your business or website theme, give us some websites of your competitors and other material that you would like us to use on your website….example: Logo, Pictures etc. You can cotribute as deep you want by sending already built codes, samples of scripts, database schema etc.

Do I own my website once built by mediaLinkers web design service ?

Yes! We consider the first point of contact or the name on account as the owner of website once the final payment has been cleared. We will never resell your brand,online slots no deposit bonus design, template or code to next customer in future. However if your website is referred to us as inspiration, we may adapt similar features in a unique way.

I have seen free web page makers; why pay a designer?

Almost anyone can create a web site with software available today. Most of the customers we have worked for so far already had tried a free lance web designer, template, free software or a help from their nephew. The success of a site is dependant on methodical planning and design that functions well and appeals visually to its intended audience. Most of the new business calls we receive from companies or individuals start by saying “My web designer got a visa to UK and never returned“…or…. “My designer is not attending call“..or… “A freelance designer initially quoted me lowest price and now asking for more money that I can’t pay” and so on. Only a skilled, creative and an experienced web designer can create a tailored design for you, based on your own requirements. If you belive you should not get your business cards designed in Paint Brush and then printing it out from your laser printer, then you must hire a professional web design company for your most prominent platform of business publicity.

What is CMS or Self Manageable website?

A CMS allows you to manage your website content in real time. With CMS you get a user friendly control panel to edit, add or delete any part of your website using simple self explanatory tools. With CMS your website stays updated reflecting your business goals and strategies while the cost of maintenance and dependability on a web designer to update your website stays null.


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