Uth Dreams

The WQ Gift Company

Click Business Solutions work with Kristeen at The WQ Gift Company to launch there new look! From start to finish Click work with Kristeen to get them ready to take Canada by storm with their fantastic gifts.
The WQ Gift Comapny
Having been introduced to Kristeen at the start of the year Click started working on The WQ’s new brand. After talking to Kristeen we worked together to find out her exact needs and where she wanted to go with the new brand. Click then got started with the brand, starting as always with the new logo. After finding out The WQ’s target market and idea’s our desinger came up with many fantastic idea’s for Kristeen to take a look over and make any changes she wanted to, but no need for that! Click’s top designer had given WQ a gift of there own with a fantastic to design. If I remember correctly, the response from Kristeen was along the lines of, “You guy’s are awesome”.

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